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Jazz legend Hugh Masekela

Hugh Masekela is a Grammy Award winning musician from South Africa. Among being exiled from his homeland in the 60s, he ran the festival preceding the infamous Rumble in the Jungle, and was given a trumpet by Louis Armstrong himself.  

He found fame in the US, Europe and in Africa as one of the inspirational sounds of the struggle for justice and change, protesting against Apartheid. He was also one of the most outspoken voices campaigning for Nelson Mandela’s freedom.

Masekela has the gift of being able to pour his emotion into his work, making him the perfect advocate for our campaign for Star Alliance and South African Airways.

Rather than compose the music prior to the shoot he chose to improvise on the spot, and play to the emotions he feels when travelling. Naturally this set the account and creative teams on edge, until he started playing. After playing first few notes the room rested easy, and enjoyed the master at work. And yes, he played the trumpet given to him by Louis Armstrong.

Hugh Masekela is an inspiration to everyone with a creative bone in their body, and a pleasure for the rest of us. That’s jazzvertising.