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Age of Us, with Dylan Collard


Dylan Collard has been busy this year going to agencies and having them take part in his project ‘Age of us’, we were lucky enough to be selected and sit in the green seat.

The project is based around Dylan’s interest in the unstoppable process of ageing. We go through various age milestones in life that have been created by the society we live in, along with the physical effects of ageing; but¬†Dylan wants to look beyond the wrinkles, and look into the life lived and the changes people go through to get to where they are.

With this in mind Dylan created his unique set up featuring a three chair bench, with each chair representing one of the broad stages of life, Youth, Middle and Old Age. The project has taken Dylan to numerous places, with his most recognisable work taking place out and about in California.

You can see the project at: www.agesofus.com

Or track it online with #Ageofus

Photographing agencies has been the less serious side of the project, a great excuse for a bit of fun. So unlike the project that has taken Dylan all over the world, this took place at Atomic against a desert backdrop, with a few nutters.

Take a look at us in the green seat.