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Age of Us, with Dylan Collard

AGE OF US Dylan Collard has been busy this year going to agencies and having them take part in his…

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6 principles for achieving VR velocity

6 principles for achieving VR velocity By Guy Bradbury, founding partner and executive creative director, Atomic London The number of…

Guy Bradbury’s Secret Weapon
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Dave Henderson Joins Atomic

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Creative agencies ignore AI at their peril

Creative agencies ignore AI at their peril Put your head in the sand and someone will kick you up the…

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Pass on Something Legendary

Pass on Something Legendary   Atomic has partnered with Aardman for a new charming and sharable campaign to raise awareness during Remember…

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In-flight entertainment

In-flight entertainment By Guy Bradbury, Executive Creative Director at Atomic London. In-flight entertainment is one of the only places left…

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Being reactive in the Olympics

Brands and being reactive in the Olympics With Rio on the other side of the world, the Olympics this year…

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The opportunities in virtual reality

Virtual reality has taken 2016 by virtual storm. Aside from the terms ad blocking and millennial it is one of…

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How to identify with idents

How to identify with idents Sponsorship idents are tricky things to get right. Formats are short, with slightly awkward lengths…

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The Millennials

Millennials are the most talked about demographic for brands, and they should be. Brands need the audience of the demographic…