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How to use the most powerful medium in the world. Print.

How to use the most powerful medium in the world. Print. By Dave Henderson, Creative Partner¬†at Atomic London. Well here’s…

Atomic wins silver at the Creative Circle Awards

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Creatives shouldn’t mind working with machines

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2 nominations at The Drum Marketing Awards

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The i newspaper

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It’s a principle that drives everything we do. Creating ideas that are hard to ignore,difficult to forget, and easily more…

Mums still being mums

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2 Gold at the Guardian MAA Awards

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Bang goes the paper brief

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Vote for the Life Garden

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Age of Us, with Dylan Collard

AGE OF US Dylan Collard has been busy this year going to agencies and having them take part in his…

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6 principles for achieving VR velocity

6 principles for achieving VR velocity By Guy Bradbury, founding partner and executive creative director, Atomic London The number of…